Have just received my order from boobalou. This lovely extra special embroidery bamboo velour pad! I was very excited to receive this; as I have heard great things about dinky dots bots secrets pads 🙂 Will review soon x

YES THATS RIGHT I SAID CARE BEARS! aaaaand… I finally found a cloth pad maker that stocks care bear print fabric! (Thanks to bree @preciousstarspads videos – thanks bree) Have just ordered a pad from chelsea bee creations in the USA, cant wait for it to arrive! x

I purchased a really cute pale cozy from eco dreams (go check out my review) I love it! Unfortunately its too small for my bin so will be selling; however the seller has offered to make me another that should fit 🙂 They also sent me a pad wrapper and three pads which was so nice of them. Will definitely come in handy 🙂

Got home today to find my pad from The Cloth Stop had arrived. I actually bought this in a de-stash (thankyou alice) so its her old style. Will still review though.

Four more pads from Huggally Wuggally Handmade, oops im gonna run out of money soon 🙂 Love how thin her pads are.

Recived my order from Mary; four 7″ pantyliners (two in a cute star print, two beige) and an overnight pad from her value range. Cant wait to try these out 🙂