I was contacted by the company, asking if I wanted to review their, all vegan, natural and cruelty free waxing product; and of course I said yes!
When it arrived it was packaged in a really professional box, just like something you’d buy in the supermarket. I was scares about using it however as my last time using wax (veet waxing strips – about 2 years ago) wasn’t at all pleasant! However, I was willing to try again. So, this morning, I looked through all the instructions and showered ready to wax my legs. I had found a new package of nair wax roll-on (which my mum bought me) to compare it to. I used the nair first on my right leg, it waxed ok, not removing all the hair but still, I persevered. Once completing the compare test patch; I moved on to use the sugar strip-ease product. Its relatively easy to prepare, just pop it in the microwave for one minute, until a honey like consistency, stir and check that its not too hot. Then just apply an even layer using the stick provided (multiple) to the area to be waxed. Apply a linen sheet, pull off quickly and done! The results were similar to the nair hair care after one application; however, once repeated, voila! Silky smooth legs! By this point my right leg (nair test patch) was bright red and had a burning sensation, ugh the chemicals -_-
I had no trouble with sugar strip ease! My legs were smooth and not painful at all! Overall I loved the product and will use it again! x

3 thoughts on “Sugar Strip-ease Review

  1. CourtneyLynne

    omg this sounds like a pretty fabulous product!! Perfect for summer and poolside life 🙂 love that it’s cruelty free! Always a plus 🙂


  2. Kellie Kearney

    I’m not so sure about doing my own waxing. I’m still scarred after my first experience with nair hair removal a few years back. Love the ingredients and how it’s cruelty free though!!


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