Hiya **waves**

I’m a 19 year old vegan teenager; I also have a chronic illness – I’m a spoonie! If you dont know what a spoonie is, check out the infographic below; you can also check out the article written by Christine Miserandino (the creator of the spoon theory) here. I love trying to be as eco friendly as possible. I believe in using only cruelty free products. I’m an advocate for good mental health, body positivity and equality for all. I like listening to music, planning, reading and sewing. My blog is a way for me to keep busy; I am currently out of college for personal reasons but this blog and all my lovely viewers give me something positive to focus on. I love writing, its my life. It’s kind of funny; because a few years ago, I never would’ve said that! If this isn’t enough and you wanna know more about me just say hi! Feel free to contact me for any advice or questions you may have.

I hope you enjoy my blog x