I came across this tasty vegan treats brand back at the beginning of January. Amelia, the lovely owner of vegan snacks sorted, helped me in writing this post for Veganuary. I took a look at her products and decided to purchase a couple; some fudge and a vegan sugar cookie. Needless to say they were lovely, the fudge was even approved by my non-vegan father! So when Amelia asked me last week to review a couple of new products, I… Read more »

A few months ago, I had given up with finding a decent shampoo. All the well known brands – along with not being vegan – didn’t work for me. I was getting a very sore scalp, it was painful to wash my hair! So, I decided to look down the baby isle; they’re gentle shampoo’s right? Wrong. I tried about 8 different brands, none helped. So I just decided to deal with it, until, I found Earth Friendly Baby. Ever… Read more »

Living naturally (soapnuts) stain stick is comparable in form and usage to buncha farmers stain stick. It’s essentially a solid block of soap with stain removing qualities. The packaging on the soapnuts stain stick is a printed piece of paper with the brand, a box or other type of eco friendly packaging would’ve been more convenient as the paper around the stick goes soggy after use then sticks to the bar. I used this stain stick on my pads this… Read more »

I was contacted by the company, asking if I wanted to review their, all vegan, natural and cruelty free waxing product; and of course I said yes!When it arrived it was packaged in a really professional box, just like something you’d buy in the supermarket. I was scares about using it however as my last time using wax (veet waxing strips – about 2 years ago) wasn’t at all pleasant! However, I was willing to try again. So, this morning,… Read more »

I found these natural, biodegradable wipes and just had to share with you all! I was sent 2 of each product to review (one of which will be in an upcoming giveaway being planned). The wipes are super strong and smell really nice. There is a similar amount to regular brands found in supermarkets and they’re competitively priced. Containing 99% naturally derived products, no perfumes and no alcohol or nasty chemicals; these are perfect for little hands and messy faces!… Read more »