So, it’s been far longer than anticipated but I’m back! Where have I been? Well, it’s been a hell of a year; ups & downs with brilliant things in between. It’s been almost two years since I wrote a post & so much has happened in that time! Health wise I finally got a diagnosis for why my legs kept giving way beneath me & the reason I’ve become a full time wheelchair user, I’ve had so many issues –… Read more »

This weekend just gone; 27th of February to the 29th, was Brighton Vegfest. If you don’t already know, VegfestUK hold four vegan festivals nationwide, each year. Vegfest Events are great for vegetarians, vegans or just anyone interested in veganism – I took my omni family with me on the Saturday! Brighton Vegfest 2016 was my first Vegfest of many to come; Bristol Vegfest is in May, it’d be nice to see some of you there. On day one I spent… Read more »

After posting a picture of my dinner to Instagram the other day I was asked how I made it. This is a vegan twist on a family recipe; for those of you who don’t know my family is omni, originally this recipe contained prawns (yuck!). I hope you enjoy! Ingredients: – Vegetable stock cubes, two – Rice noodles, 1-2 nests – Chinese Leaf, 4-5 leaves, chopped – Mushrooms, five, sliced – Beansprouts, one handful – Mixed Herbs, one teaspoon –… Read more »

Click the photo to find out! I hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday. What was your favourite vegan buy this week? Let me know in the comments below x

I came across this tasty vegan treats brand back at the beginning of January. Amelia, the lovely owner of vegan snacks sorted, helped me in writing this post for Veganuary. I took a look at her products and decided to purchase a couple; some fudge and a vegan sugar cookie. Needless to say they were lovely, the fudge was even approved by my non-vegan father! So when Amelia asked me last week to review a couple of new products, I… Read more »

As you all know I’m a massive Lushie, I have enough bath bombs & melts to last a lifetime! The majority of my cosmetic and personal care collection is made up of Lush products; from dry shampoo to deodorant, you name it! Today I thought I’d share with you my favourite Lush products this winter. If you’re interested in what I enjoyed, keep reading… Cinders Bath Bomb:This spicy cinnamon bath bomb has popping candy & I love that you can… Read more »

There are many different egg replacements available for use in different ways. From commercially made products specific for purpose to byproducts of other baking & cooking necessities; the options are plentiful. Some are listed below with instructions on how to use and the best uses. Chia seeds Use one tablespoon of chia seeds & three tablespoons of water for each egg required. Mix together and let stand for 15 minutes, till forms a jelly like consistency. Perfect for use in… Read more »