This weekend just gone; 27th of February to the 29th, was Brighton Vegfest. If you don’t already know, VegfestUK hold four vegan festivals nationwide, each year. Vegfest Events are great for vegetarians, vegans or just anyone interested in veganism – I took my omni family with me on the Saturday! Brighton Vegfest 2016 was my first Vegfest of many to come; Bristol Vegfest is in May, it’d be nice to see some of you there.

On day one I spent the majority of the day on the ground floor; looking round stalls & talking to like minded vegan friends. Richard Watts aka Vegan Sidekick was there; I couldn’t not buy a signed copy of his volume 3 book! I also tried some drinks labelled ‘salad in a bottle’ but despite the unusual name, they tasted great! We went upstairs for lunch, I chose ‘fish’ & chips from The Loving Hut stall – delicious! My mum and I then found my dad over at the Ms Cupcake cake stall devouring a cookie sandwich; because vegan food is so disgusting right? I got my meat eating (yuck!) family to try loads of different vegan foods that day & I think it’s safe to say they loved them; who goes to bed without dinner if they’re not happily full? We got home around 6pm having a lovely day.

Sunday was slightly different as I was alone; a challenge but one I faced quite well, other than a panic attack at the end due to one of the Brighton Centre staff: I did okay. I spent the day looking round floor one mostly (and a couple of stalls I missed on the ground floor). There were many different brands, charities & activists there; I got to meet Elizabeth, the lovely lady behind Vegorium – we had a lovely chat about YouTube, Activists & her t-shirt activism video with Rehana Jomeen. Ms Cupcake provided a wonderful lunch of Macaroni Cheese & shared the recipe with myself and a lovely transitioning vegan. Throughout the weekend I got to try and purchase an array of different vegan products, I also got many informational leaflets and a couple of educational DVDs. You can get an idea of what I got from the slideshow below.

Overall it was a lovely weekend full of food, fun & laughter. It was lovely to be able to put faces to names; from brands I’ve worked with to other activists I follow. I hope to be attending Bristol Vegfest in May and London in October!

Did you go to Brighton Vegfest last weekend? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments below x

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