Most of the food I make as a vegan is three things; easy, cheap, nutritious. This pate is no exception. What I like about it is you can create something that is similar to the old liver pates we are used to. The brandy or whiskey gives it this flavour. You’ve got the healthful properties of mushrooms, Dr Joel Furhman talked about their cancer prevention qualities in his book Super Immunity. Walnuts are touted as good for the heart and brain health, among many other things. Garlic and onions contain anti-oxidants. The margarine and alcohol in this recipe are the decadent bits, but it all tastes decadent whilst being healthful.
You can buy all the ingredients in your ordinary supermarket, my goodies were from Lidl. Here’s everything I used:

– Two punnets of mushrooms – chestnut and button
– One bag of walnuts
– Two shallots – or white onions
– Two cloves of garlic
– Some vegan margarine (PURE or Vitalite or the like)
– Splash of brandy or bourbon whiskey (I used Lidl’s own Western Gold, £12/bottle)
– Black pepper

The only speciality product is a blender of some sort. I swear by the NutriBullet, have had mine a year and use it about three times a day. Any blender or food processor will do for this recipe, even a handheld one.

But, you ask, how do I make it? Well, the method is as follows:

Step 1: Cook the mushrooms, walnuts, garlic, and shallots in your margarine. Cooking in margarine will give a creamier taste than using any oil, but you could experiment with flavours once you’ve mastered the recipe; truffle oil may go nicely and give an even more decadent taste.

Step 2: Add in as much black pepper as you like, a few turns of a mill. Add in about three caps of the brandy/whiskey. This will give the mixture a nice liquid to cook in.

Step 3: Put the lid on, turning the heat to low, leave to marinate and cook.

Step 4: After about 15 minutes you will end up with a drier mixture. All the alcohol will be cooked out leaving just the flavour. Leave the mixture to cool.
Once cooled, blend. You can do this either in batches or simply blend, stuff more in, blend, stuff more in – you end up with a variable mixture this way; smooth plus a few “bits” (which is perfectly palatable). It’s all about how you like your pate.

You can serve and store your pate in saved containers.  Here I have an old hummus pot and a jar. Store your pates in the fridge to serve cold, gift to friends or take to parties for entrees.
This recipe was written by Eve Davies, I hope it is useful. What is your favourite topping for crackers? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you are all enjoying Veganuary! x

P.S – I’m sorry for the missing post yesterday, the blog editor I use is having major problems and its taking ages to even get onto it! I’m still here though and still around on social media. Hope you are all well x​

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