I am still very new to the vegan lifestyle and I am always learning every day; from learning what ingredients have been snuck into the simplest product to searching for cruelty-free leaping-bunny approved cosmetics and household products and doing my best to stay true to my manifest of becoming vegan as much that is possible.

The problem is that I’m also recovering from an eating disorder, and when people hear recovery with becoming vegan I receive this sudden influx in negative comments toward my recovery.
I was a vegetarian for many years (and opting for cruelty-free items during this time when I was able to) and often thought about becoming vegan, adopting this wonderful lifestyle but I realize that, in hindsight, I was possibly too ill to be able to make that decision without it being disordered.

I was in a rut last year, adopting a strict regime of “clean eating” in order to recover and this is the pitfall I see so many people fall into, vegan or not! And I’ve recently been shown many articles that blame their disordered eating even more on veganism.
But over the past year, it has been my mission to adopt a balance approach to food because the moment you label something as “good” or “bad” that’s when it becomes a problem. While I would agree that there is a certain degree of that going on within adopting this lifestyle, it hasn’t affected me in terms of being able to tackle those “fear foods.”
Heck, I love chocolate; it’s the best thing in the world!

But it’s not just about the food, as much as I have come to absolutely adore getting hands-on in the kitchen and have discovered so many things I wouldn’t have gone near previously out of fear. And it’s not just about the health benefits because it has allowed me to regain my own health in ways I would never have imagined.
I’m also discovering more about myself and my passions; the more I educate myself, the more strongly I feel about the ethics that this lifestyle is based upon, and having suffered with an eating disorder, which can make a person rather egocentric, it has opened my eyes to the bigger picture.
It’s not just about me anymore; it’s about making the right choices, making a difference in the world. It has helped me respect myself as a person, slowly but surely.

One of my only wishes is to lead by example to those around me and to show that you can actually be truly happy and healthy while living a vegan lifestyle.
And there is certainly nothing boring about it!

Jodie x

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