A few months ago, I had given up with finding a decent shampoo. All the well known brands – along with not being vegan – didn’t work for me. I was getting a very sore scalp, it was painful to wash my hair! So, I decided to look down the baby isle; they’re gentle shampoo’s right? Wrong. I tried about 8 different brands, none helped. So I just decided to deal with it, until, I found Earth Friendly Baby. Ever since using this shampoo, I have had no issues with my scalp. The shampoo itself leaves my hair lovely and soft, with no tangles. My hair smells lovely and is grease free until day 4! I love it! This amazing shampoo is vegan, organic and the packaging is eco-friendly. The small 200ml bottle lasts around 2 months – washing every 3-5 days. The only thing I dislike is the cost, it costs £4.25 a bottle – so around double the price of other shampoo’s on the market; however, for me, its well worth it! It lathers really well and you only need a small amount for lovely, soft, clean hair. I recommend trying this shampoo if you have sensitive skin, or, if you are looking for a vegan shampoo to buy in the supermarket. You can get earth friendly baby in Sainsburys, Tesco, boots and more! 
What shampoo do you  use? Would you try this? Let me know in the comments below x

2 thoughts on “Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo

  1. mycupofbeauty

    Before I start talkign about shampoos, I want to say my hair is very long, feels heavy if tied in a ponytail (that leads to hair loss), tangles easly after recent bleaching, bleached twice a year, damaged ends.. I used to work for the company where I could get free cosmetics almost everyday, tosave up, we were all taking everything even if we didn’t know the shampoo or conditioner – it was for free so even if it wasn’t good, the money were not wasted. I feel like I have tried hundrands of shampoos and I found this Garnier for kids which makes my hair so smooth, looking healthy. The only problem is that it arrived from south america and I cannot find it in the UK but I loved it so much that I am ready to ask my south American friends to post it to me hahah


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