I found these natural, biodegradable wipes and just had to share with you all! I was sent 2 of each product to review (one of which will be in an upcoming giveaway being planned). The wipes are super strong and smell really nice. There is a similar amount to regular brands found in supermarkets and they’re competitively priced. Containing 99% naturally derived products, no perfumes and no alcohol or nasty chemicals; these are perfect for little hands and messy faces! They clean just as good if not better than regular wipes and have all these added bonuses! The hand sanitiser is a super compact, spray – no messy gel! is child safe also 100% alcohol free. Another great thing is that they’re good to our furry friends, no animals are harmed in the making and testing of these products!
These are perfect for anyone with messy babies/toddlers, for removing makeup or if you just like to stay fresh 🙂

N.B. I was not paid to do this review x

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