Living naturally (soapnuts) stain stick is comparable in form and usage to buncha farmers stain stick. It’s essentially a solid block of soap with stain removing qualities. The packaging on the soapnuts stain stick is a printed piece of paper with the brand, a box or other type of eco friendly packaging would’ve been more convenient as the paper around the stick goes soggy after use then sticks to the bar. I used this stain stick on my pads this cycle, the majority of the pads were stained; half came out with a simple application of the stain remover, the others needed more scrubbing and work (some 2 applications). I found this stain remover less effective than others I have tried, some stains couldn’t be removed. I had to go back and re-treat with another product. Although not my favourite, soapnuts stain stick does work, and at a good price, if you just want to remove light stains then it might be for you!

N.B – I have not been paid to do this review.

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