I came across this tasty vegan treats brand back at the beginning of January. Amelia, the lovely owner of vegan snacks sorted, helped me in writing this post for Veganuary.
I took a look at her products and decided to purchase a couple; some fudge and a vegan sugar cookie. Needless to say they were lovely, the fudge was even approved by my non-vegan father! So when Amelia asked me last week to review a couple of new products, I happily accepted. I also bought myself another six sugar cookies – which are now gone – because I loved them so much! Today I’m going to be showing you two of the new products at Vegan Snacks Sorted; one is a twist on a classic favourite and the other a fruity delight.
The first of the new products is the Almond Butter Cup, a new take on the traditional peanut butter cup. It’s 100% vegan, raw and organic.
When I first opened this, the parchment paper, inside the cellophane packaging, had a lot of oil on the bottom. At first this made me wary of the fat content, however, upon research this turned out to be the cacao butter used in the product; it has a similar melting point as coconut oil. This gives it the melt in the mouth quality that you love in high quality chocolate, it definitely exceeded expectations! The almond butter mixed with the smooth chocolate was just, amazing. As I hate the texture of
nut butters, this product definitely surprised me, it was lovely! The outside of the cup had a flawless zig zag design that reminds you of a Reece’s peanut butter cup, with no bubbles or escaping nut butter; it looked as good as it tasted.
Amelia also sent me their new chocolate squares. When they arrived I was very please to find she had given me the fruit & nut variety; something which I have missed since going vegan almost a year ago. You get six pieces of raw chocolate in each pack. The squares were perfectly uniform – as if they had been produced on a factory line, no bubbles, cracks, nothing – just little squares of deliciousness. After trying the almond butter cups; the dark chocolate squares did not disappoint! The continuity of that melt in the mouth quality is evident across all of VSS products.
The packaging for all of VSS products is high quality and professional, keeping all products secure in the postage process. Each is sealed with a sticker of the company logo, which, by the way, I love! The the pink heart reminds me of the love that goes into the products and the sourcing of the ingredients – as well as the company ethics – and the V shaped half-hearts below it almost resemble the V used in the vegan logo. Everything about this brand is great, from the products and packaging to the ethics. I highly recommend them. Please remember to keep the chocolate products from this brand in the fridge!

Very kindly, Amelia has given me a coupon code to share with you; to get a FREE cookie with a purchase of £15 or more, use code CCECOOKIE at the checkout.

If you make a purchase I’d love to know what you think! What’s your favourite vegan chocolate at the moment? Let me know in the comments below x

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